CMMR 2017 will take place across two sites. During the day, the scientific programme will take place in the Câmara Municipal de Matosinhos (the Matosinhos City Hall – Av. Dom Afonso Henriques, 4450-229 Matosinhos) while in the evenings the music programme will be held at CARA (Centro de Alto Rendimento Artístico within the Real Vinícola -Av. Menéres 461, 4450-162 Matosinhos). Both venues are located in Matosinhos, and are a short (10 minute) walk from one another. For more details on getting to CMMR please see the Travel Information page.

Since 2010 OJM has been working on establishing a center for advanced artistic performance in Matosinhos. CARA is a part of the rehabilitation of Real Vinícola, an industrial building from the late 19th century, that will be transformed into an open urban Arts block. With 700 square meters, CARA will create the material conditions necessary to the artistic growth of the orchestra, the implementation of several new projects and further development of networks with international partners. It is CARA’s mission to promote the dialogue between art, science and technology, namely through multidisciplinary projects that aim at the research and development of solutions for the creation, fruition and dissemination of creative contents.

The redevelopment of the Real Vinícola site is entering the final stages. We’ll post updates to show its progress!

The CMMR 2017 logo is inspired by She Changes – a sculpture designed by artist Janet Echelman for the cities of Porto and Matosinhos, located very close to CARA and just by the Atlantic Ocean.